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Energy-Efficient Designs & Building Commissioning Services

Solar Panels

The following is a partial list of services we provide in various areas of energy-efficient design:

  • Solar Panel & Grid Intertie Systems
  • Energy Audits
  • Grant & Rebate Application Assistance
  • Energy Modeling
  • LEED Designs & Accreditations

Building Commissioning Services:

  • Perform Periodic Site Inspections During Construction in an Effort to Confirm Construction Work Is Consistent with the Design Documents
  • Post-Construction Inspections & Testing in Order to Confirm Proper Operations & Compliance with the Project Design Documents
  • Assist in Ensuring That Owner Training & Delivery of Operation and Maintenance Manuals Occurs at Occupancy
  • Post-Occupancy Inspections & Testing at Approx. 6 Months After Occupancy to Confirm Continued Proper Operation of Systems

When deficiencies have been discovered, the commissioning agent will inform the owner's representative so that corrective action taken by other parties. The commissioning agent is not responsible for making the corrections, but only for identifying the deficiencies. The commissioning agent will make follow up inspections on corrected systems. However, additional fees may be required, depending on the extent of the retesting required.

Systems Typically Commissioned:

  • HVAC
  • Electrical Lighting & Controls
  • Building Envelope
  • Temperature Controls